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Rotimi Ogunlowo

Petroleum Engineering Consultant

Rotimi Ogunlowo stands out as a seasoned petroleum engineering consultant with an extensive history in the oil and energy sector. With around 35 years in the oil and gas field, he dedicated 26 of those years to Mobil Producing Nigeria, an ExxonMobil affiliate. His expertise spans various disciplines, including field development, production optimization, and reservoir management. In addition to his BSc in Petroleum Engineering from the University of Ibadan, Rotimi has benefited from numerous trainings in the US, UK, and Nigeria. His education also includes courses at the distinguished Kenan-Flagler Business School, University of North Carolina. His affiliations with the Society of Petroleum Engineers and Nigeria Society of Engineer emphasize his commitment to his field.
Rotimi’s roles have encompassed a range of responsibilities. At Mobil Producing Nigeria, he acted as a reservoir engineering advisor, leading several engineers and offering critical advice to management on technical matters. Moreover, he expanded his expertise overseas from 2009 to 2011 in Houston, acting as a regional advisor for ExxonMobil Production Company. There, he oversaw affiliates across multiple regions, working closely with major industry partners like Shell and Total. After retiring voluntarily from Mobil Producing Nigeria in 2015, Rotimi has continued to influence the industry as an independent consultant and technical advisor.

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Francis Bassey

Executive Geoscience Technical

Francis Bassey, with 35 years in the oil and gas sector, holds the position of Geoscience Technical Executive at SisPro Inc and is the founder of Crexobas International Limited, a company immersed in oil and gas consultancy, asset management, drilling, and marine services. He’s also a chairman of AMBS Investment Partners and Watchmen Systems Solutions Limited, which ventures into drone technologies for agriculture, security, and mineral mapping. Born in 1961, Bassey graduated with a BSc in Geology from Calabar and an MSc in Applied Geophysics from Obafemi Awolowo University. His illustrious career includes pivotal roles at ExxonMobil, where he contributed to major oil discoveries in Nigeria and Angola, and became an instrumental figure in asset coordination and strategic planning. Throughout his tenure, he’s received numerous awards for his expertise and leadership, notably from ExxonMobil and NAPE. Renowned for his integrity and professional prowess, Bassey is acknowledged for his vast industry contacts and insights into global oil and gas trends. Married to Margaret, the couple shares three sons.
His journey began at the Geological Survey, Enugu, where he focused on geophysical mineral mapping. Joining Mobil Producing Nigeria in 1989, he escalated to the role of Asset Team Technical Coordinator, and post the ExxonMobil merger, his expertise expanded, marking him as a key player in billion-barrel oil discoveries. As he progressed, Bassey’s influence was not limited to Nigeria; he oversaw deep-water operations in Houston and held significant management roles, shaping the direction of operations from exploration to production. His depth of knowledge saw him appointed as the Nigerian Commercial Business Intelligence Advisor, providing invaluable insights into the oil and gas industry. Internationally recognized, Bassey’s accolades include global awards from reputed institutions, reflecting his dedication to the geoscience community. He remains an active member of multiple industry associations.


John O. Olaniyan

Project Management Professional

John Olaniyan is a seasoned project management professional with a rich history spanning 33 years in the oil and gas sector. Beginning his journey in 1989 at Total Nigeria PLC, John has held significant roles in major organizations, such as Chevron Nigeria and ExxonMobil. His initial role as a lubricant engineer evolved into positions focusing on pipeline integrity, facility production, and later, high-value project management, successfully overseeing projects amounting to over fifteen billion dollars. His tenure at ExxonMobil from 2008 to 2019 showcased his exceptional leadership in facilities modification, pipeline design, and oil field production platform development. Additionally, his notable research in crude oil emulsion earned him an “On the Spot Award” in 1993.
As a Senior Project Management Consultant, John’s proficiency in project intervention has been pivotal to the success of numerous endeavors both in the United States and Nigeria. With a mastery in project planning, budgeting, and reporting, John has consistently delivered projects that surpass specifications and budget constraints. His academic achievements, including a Master of Science in Process Engineering and a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from the University of Lagos, bolster his industry expertise. Coupled with certifications such as PMP® and proficiency in various industry-standard software tools, John’s unmatched experience, academic background, and commitment to excellence position him as a key figure in the oil and gas industry.


Adebayo Isaiah Okunlola

Subsurface Technical Consultant

Adebayo, a distinguished geoscientist, brings over 25 years of experience to his role as the subsurface technical consultant with SisPro Inc. in the Upstream Oil and Gas domain. Known for his exceptional expertise in seismic interpretation and subsurface characterization, Adebayo has made significant contributions to the field, including his leadership roles, technical advisory, and asset value maximization. Before joining SisPro, he established Megayield Consulting Services Limited and Megayield Nigeria Limited. With a two-decade-long association with ExxonMobil, Adebayo held esteemed positions, retiring as the Senior Geoscience Advisor and Technical Team Lead of ExxonMobil Production Company Affiliates in Nigeria. Additionally, his certification as a Geoscientist by The Council of Nigerian Mining and Geoscientists (COMEG) underscores his technical prowess.
Beyond his corporate roles, Adebayo is a recognized figure in academia and research, having obtained both his B.Sc and M.Sc degrees in Applied Geophysics from Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria. His association with various professional bodies, including the AAPG, SEG, CSEG, EAGE, NAPE, and NMGS, highlights his commitment to the field. Notably, he serves as the Vice President and Treasurer of AAPG’s Canada Region. Adebayo’s contributions to the industry are also evident in his numerous technical publications, ranging from seismic interpretation techniques in deepwater reservoirs to integrating 4D seismic interpretation with reservoir connectivity. All in all, his vast experience, academic contributions, and leadership roles make Adebayo a prominent figure in the geoscience community.

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Ebenezer Olufemi (Femi) Romiluy

Operations and Maintenance Management Executive

Femi has over 35 years of proficiency in the technology and energy sectors, excelling in project, operations, and maintenance management. His expertise spans the lifecycle of pipelines and facilities maintenance for shallow and deepwater infrastructures. Holding a B.Sc. in Electronic & Electrical Engineering and an MBA, Femi has made significant contributions at Mobil Producing Nigeria Unlimited and ExxonMobil. Notably, he played pivotal roles in the transition of the OSO Complex DCS, managed billion-dollar pipeline projects, and championed local Nigerian companies in executing extensive projects as part of the National Content implementation.
Post-retirement from ExxonMobil in 2018, Femi embarked on a consultancy career, becoming the Managing Consultant for Romwood LLC. He advises numerous companies in Nigeria’s upstream sector and offers strategic counsel across industries including Edutech, Health-tech, and more. His dedication to excellence is further underscored by his PMP certification and membership with NSE.

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Candacie Brower-Thompson

Senior Environmental Consultant

Candacie Brower-Tompson is Sispro’s environmental specialist has over 16 years of experience with the Environmental Protection Agency, Guyana ( EPA), and was instrumental in developing the legal and institutional framework to manage oil and gas production in Guyana. Environmental and social safeguards are paramount to this professional, who is also a Stakeholder Engagement Specialist and was at the genesis of developing and implementing Guyana’s first stakeholder engagement plan to engage the oil and gas sector. a. Moreover, her expertise encompasses environmental management, natural resources management, environmental education and communication.


Gregory Dean

Financial Advisor